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Formed in 2020 HARLEY MESZAROS (lead vocals & rhythm guitar) brought together key members MAX BADER (keys/synth & backing vocals) and BEN MCKINLAY (lead guitar) who share an unquenchable passion for music and a profound dedication to their craft. Their journey began in JMC Academy after studying a Bachelor of Contemporary Music together, where they honed their skills and crafted their distinctive sound, which seamlessly weaves elements of indie-rock, blues, and alternative genres into a unique sonic tapestry. 

Together they recorded three debut singles together with HUGH MIDDLETON (Out with the In Studios). ‘DEPTHS’, ‘THOSE EYES’ & ‘WHAT DO I KNOW’ released across 2021 and 2022 had tantalizing reception with fans and sold out multiple single launches at venues TOMCAT and KING LEAR’S THRONE. These singles were the first steps for the band together after playing endless gigs in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley working on their live shows and building a fanbase. In this time HARLEY had competed in the 2022 QUBE EFFECT and played across the country with other project DUSTY. This helped HARLEY build friendships and connections with venues and bands such as BRIXTON ALLEY, THE TERRYS, THELMA PLUMP, PACIFIC AVENUE and THE RIONS. 

2023 led to the arrival of new members TOM MITCHELL (bass & backing vocals) and AARON DAVIS (drums). This breath of fresh air has inspired the boys to reinvent their sound with 2024 lining up to be a huge year for the band. Their new sound will be unveiled in early 2024 – leaning towards more blues and hard-rock elements than before likened to bands such as SAM FENDER, KALEO and THE BLUE STONES. With bigger shows and a busy release schedule lined up for the new year HARLEY MESZAROS is a band you won’t want to miss. 

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